the gift of the present

Life is an opportunity to feel, listen, see, smell, taste, and love every specialty that is handed to us in every minute of every day. When we begin to understand that each situation is a lesson selected for us to learn, to evolve, life becomes as beautiful as a butterfly who is spreading it's beautiful wings for the first time after being a caterpillar, seeing the world only from one perspective. Now with those colourful wings on each side of your back, you are finally able to adjust your view to your selected momentum. You can rise high and view the world from an eagles perspective, very sharp and distant. You can dive deep in the autumn leaves, to see the close up of the tiniest details on an interesting situation. The most important fact about having wings is: you are able to chose, which perspective you'd like to take.


The moment we turn from caterpillars into butterflies is not noticeable for our surrounding. Nobody can see our wings, only we know the benefit of them. Other beings around us will feel the difference eventually. Changing ones point of view changes not only the perspective on situations, it creates different consequences and outcomes. Hence, our behavior changes. We reflect on the past situations, consequences and emotions, also the origin of the chain of thoughts. May it be a thought pattern created or implemented in our childhood or a just recent reaction to a lesson learnt or misunderstood. Everything will change.


Are you ready for big changes? Are you ready to go deeper into what really moves you? Where do certain thought pattern or actions come from? When happened the key situation to these accustomed reactions? Are you also curious about what you will learn from the findings? What will you do different starting from the moment of understanding?


Understanding is the first step. No worries, if the second step of implementing a new habit takes a while. We are not machines, where you change a chip and all runs perfectly as if nothing ever had been different. Some might take longer than others.


We are all different.

That is what makes all of us so beautiful!


by Francis

April 2019