true potential

Changing one's perspective leads directly to a very adventurous life.


Firstly, because we do not know what to expect. Everything is new. Details become more clear, the picture changes completely. Perhaps a yearlong routine has found its abrupt end due to healing a dissonance in the past. We can see the change happen in front of our eye. A special kind of comment that usually annoys us has suddenly no impact on us. This is a sign of change happening.


Secondly, if a lesson is learnt, it stops repeating itself. We sometimes feel that similar situations arise in which we are uncomfortable. A little change in view and a resolution of a thought pattern and those situations stop arising. Thus, we can move on to the next lessons, and evolve further. Hail to our paths/life full of lessons waiting to be learnt.


Thirdly, if one changes something, everything changes. For we are all one. Our relationships change, we become more centered within ourselves. We start reflecting the changes and feel confidence in continuing soulwork. We are building our strength ourselves. We can rely on our knowledge and constant change.


The potential of the present is a gift. It holds the key to changes and new futures. If we change something today, we change the future. Every moment we are gifted new lessons to evolve and work on ourselves. To be more. To feel more. To follow our heart more. To live. To sing and dance. To celebrate!


Join in, create your own future today. Take the first step to your new future's creation.


by Francis

May 2019