my past is my heritage

In the chapter about Gift and Present I shared with you the most important way of thinking. We live in the present and are the creator of it. But where do we come from? How did we end up being us?


Each of us has his or her own backpack full of experiences, educations, beliefs and tenets, values, likes and dislikes, upbringings, communication forms, connections and bonds. No one but myself knows what's inside my backpack, how it all puzzled together to become my very own and unique backpack.


Keeping this picture in mind, our family, friends, colleagues, random encounters; all carry their personal unique backpack with them. Only for everybody around it, it's impossible to tell or guess what all is inside. This may lead to obstacles in communication and understanding.


So we carry our past in our backpack everyday and every second in every moment. There we store our strengths and soon to be strengths. Have we not made all those experiences and put them in our backpack, we would have turned out to be someone totally different. The way we were taught or shown how to think by our parents, teachers and friends, is well tucked in the base of our backpack. This is where we turn to in situations that need quick solutions. We do this unconsciously.

Which is why changing old habits or tenets is so difficult. It takes a lot of digging and courage to get to the turning point.


I am so grateful to have my backpack full of many different experiences and the person I am now. That while I keep adding new ones I make sure I mix the old tenets and believes up and upgrade them to my actual needs and creations. So that my old ones won't drag me off my path and my new ones support my actual projects and creations.


by Francis