this is my story


"We can't go back and change the beginning,

but we can start where we are and change the ending."

C.S. Lewis

Why I do What I do

As a youngster I was overwhelmed with all external factors that wanted to be number 1 priority in my life.


I felt like school, friends, family and overall society all wanted a piece of me… I could hardly stay connected to what I truly feel and who I am, with all my desires, dreams and needs.


Looking back I reflect that most of my energy was used on other systems ideas and conditions and not mine.


These external factors as I want to call them started placing layer on layer on layer over my inner self, covering it with a load of distracting “wanna be importants“.


My reaction to that was a rebellion in many ways.


I came to dislike learning, which is such a great gift which simply happens naturally to children everyday.


I came to dislike myself and compare myself to others more than I took time to actually take note of my qualities.


Loving myself for who I am was so far away for me that I gave myself up in many ways.


I came to study something just so my family would be pleased and leave me to do what I really wanted – work and travel in an unorganized, individual way guided by my heart and soul.


There my inner self – when I was about 18 years young – took the courage to speak out what I sensed was my path.


Then, as soon as I had my masters degree in my pocked and I traveled and left “my world” behind I was able to reconnect with my inner self.


It was such a bliss!


After what felt like a life of being guided away from my essence I found myself and still embrace it with all my soul!


I did what felt right to do.

I worked what felt right to do.

I lived the way it felt right to live like without giving explanations.

I became calmer and more in balance.

I started to reflect on my moments of life (momentum.vida).

learned to love learning again.

I became a hungry sponge to areas that touched my interest.

I started to love myself.

I started to build my area and create a limited zone, a zone where I "am".

I started loving to give and stop expecting.


I was blessed and true and free and just as original as I was when I was born.


I loved it!!!


So as the years went by… now about 5 years later after my awakening, being connected to my inner self, being a mother to a wonderful boy and being brave and proud to go my path, even if other people or external factors are trying to get a piece of me…


even then I am true to myself and am the creator of my life. I am still learning, because it is a lifelong process and if I wouldn't, I couldn't evolve.


So why am I doing what I do you might ask still.


I am helping youngsters to reconnect to their inner self as early as I can, because I want to make sure they have the opportunity to choose whether they want to take the longer journey to dig out their potential when it is already layered upon, or choose to take the short journey from ordinary to extraordinary and be their true selves, living connected with their inner self and living their full potential with all their joy and soulpreneur skills.


Everything we need is already within us!