new momentum in 2020

new momentum
new momentum

Remember you are water. Cleanse. Let go. Flow.

Remember you are fire. Spark. Ignite. Warm. 

Remember you are air. Breathe. Move. Tickle.

Remember you are earth. Root. Blossom.

Remember you are light. Shine. Trust.

Remember you are love. See and love.

Remember you are. Be.

366 days of "It is what it is" and "I AM"

This year of 2020 starts off with a great adventure of giving up wanting.

Desire and resistance are intruders of simply being.

Saying "I am" and truly living it is difficult. 

"I am that I am" resembles that I accept, respect, feel and love who I am.

2020's adventure let's me live this momentum over and over. 


366 days of I am.

366 days instead of expecting and wanting, I perceive.

366 days instead of reaching out, I sense within.

366 days I float on the waters of life.


It is what it is. by Francis

Fluna Coaching 2020